• Jenn-Air Appliances Repair

    The Jenn-Air brand originally started as an Indianapolis outfit known for cooking, convection and downdraft ventilation. After its acquisition by Whirlpool, it became the most aggressive brand in rebates in the appliance industry, especially the luxury niche

  • The home appliances that they make are exceptional but over the years, Jenn-Air appliances, just like any other home or office appliances made by other brands, are bound to develop faults or breakdown at some point. Fortunately, we are specialized in handling them. Some of the Jenn air appliances serviced by Expert Repairs include:

    Jenn-Air Dishwashers

    These dishwashers have always been a popular choice because they are a luxury addition to your kitchen while saving time, energy and water. However, after a period of time- which is dependent on how you use your appliance - these dishwashers would invariably require the services of an expert who repairs Jenn-Air appliances. For example, when it overheats randomly, won’t let you select the wash load and continues running even when the door is open. When faced with such cases, you should call on experts that know how to fix Jenn-Air appliances.

    Jenn-Air Washers and Dryers

    The Jenn-Air washer and dryer combination come in luxurious, sleek designs. They are ideal for compact spaces while maintaining the same quality as the larger standalone units. It can hold up to 16 gallons of water and features delicate cycles that accommodate a large variety of fabrics and colours. However, Jenn-Air washers and dryers always have problems with worn agitators and loose lid hinges, draining water and proper spinning. As formidable as these problems may be, our specialists at Expert Repairs are dedicated to fixing Jenn-Air washers and dryers in no time.

    Jenn-Air Stoves and Ovens

    The products are designed to be luxurious, modern yet reliable. Constant use often leads to problems with the appliance like when the controls suddenly stop working. An Expert Repairs technician is your best bet in such a situation because he/she is adept at Jenn-Air appliance repair.

    Jenn-Air Refrigerator

    Like other products in the Jenn-Air range of home appliances, the Jenn-Air refrigerator is a stylish, high-end addition to your kitchen, regardless of the option it comes in. Repeated use leads to the refrigerator leaking water, faults with the ice dispenser and overheating in some instances. Other problems may include issues with the control panels and compressors. Our technicians at Expert Repair are more than capable of handling Jenn-Air repairs regardless of the problems reported. So it’s only a matter of time before your Jenn-Air refrigerator is fixed.

    As a matter of fact, the appliance repair of Jenn-Air products takes less than a day once you report the issues you have with them to us at Expert Repair.

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